City Exclusives

Every city is as unique, as extraordinary as our delicate jewellery. Therefore we offer special pieces in our stores, which are only available locally (and online). We started with the pretzels in Munich, continued with the anchor in Hamburg and the music clef in Vienna.
Soon there will also be exclusives in London and New York to remind us of these dazzling cities.




The pretzel as a bracelet, necklace and cool pendant for your Mara earrings. In silver and rose gold - an Oktoberfest must-have! The pretzel, or Brezn, as the people of Munich say, is the most traditional snack at Wiesn and
just like the Maß (Beer Mug) not to be thought without any more.

This collection is only available in our stores in Munich and online.


You are my anchor, my home port, my great love... As a symbol for stability and depth, for eternal faithfulness and commitment, the anchor has been grounded in our hearts over the centuries. Experience the great adventure of love with the beautiful anchor as necklace, as a pendant for your maras or as a bracelet.

This collection is only available in our brand new store in Hamburg and online.




The treble clef stands for creativity, love and passion, just like ANNA. Especially in Vienna, the city of music, we can feel this meaning more strongly. Let our exclusives take you to a city of diversity and feel its special magic.

This collection is only available in our stores in Vienna and online.