ANNA Necklace BUTTERFLY in 925 Sterling Silver


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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Necklace Length: 42 cm / 16.5" (adjustable)
Pendant Size: 9 x 7 mm / 0.36" x 0.28"

An auspicious symbol, the butterfly promises success in matters of the heart, unforgettable erotic experiences and times of wonderful fondness. Butterflies often symbolize joy and luck and are also a sign of departure, changes and transformation. Who or what do I want turn into?

Silver Care
Silver oxidizes rather rapidly due to the presence of sulfur in the air, which can lead to the tarnishing of silver.
Constant contact with cosmetics, sweat and chlorine could promote the tarnishing of silver.
Silver can be maintained and preserved with the help of cleaning cloths, silver baths or cleaning pastes so you can enjoy the shininess for a longer time.